Holocaust Memorial

As there are no graves for the millions of Jews who were murdered during World War 2, Holocaust memorials have been created all over the world as dedicated special places to honour their memory.

As survivors of the Holocaust, the late William and Helen Jacobs felt an obligation to make sure that Victorians remember the fate of Jews who perished, and worked to have a Holocaust Memorial created. Master stonemason Syd Fry led the construction of the memorial, which was dedicated on May 3, 1981.

As far as we can tell, this is one of the oldest Holocaust memorials in Canada, and it is used yearly on Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) as the site of a community remembrance ceremony.

Rabbi Reinstein leads a Yom Ha’shoah commemoration at the Victoria Jewish Cemetery; April 1988. Willie Jacobs is centre with his back to the camera; Kurt Weiss is to his left and on his right with kerchief is Jannushka Jakoubovitch and her children, Joshua and Kalina. David Katz (with beard) is in profile on the left, and next to him is Rysia Kraskin. Horst Rothfels is standing behind David wearing a newsboy cap. The woman facing the camera is Kathy Bennett, a long-time Hebrew School teacher. Richard Kool, with his son David, is wearing a fedora.

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