Chaim Zanbilowicz

Birth: October 6, 1918 in Vaslui, Romania

Death: May 5, 2003 in Victoria, B.C.

Gravesite Details: Row B – Plot 30

פּ״נ (Here lies)
In Loving Memory
Hebrew Name: Chaim b. Yosef Gita b. Yitzchak v’Klara
October 6, 1918 December 19, 1922
May 5, 2003 September 26, 2012
ת נ צ ב ה
abbreviation for Biblical quote: “May their soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.”

Chaim, his wife Gisela and son Jose left the Displaced Person’s Camp Fצhrenwald on November 6, 1951. They were living in Montreal by 1968. According to the voter’s registration, the family was living in Toronto by 1972. Chaim was listed as a merchant in the Toronto voter’s registration list for 1974. Chaim and Gisela were living in Victoria by 1997.

The Courtenay Comox Valley Record October 8, 2008

Their children were also living in B.C. Danny became a musician and Jose became a doctor.

Danyia Dvoira “Deborah” Wexler (1881–1951)
Josef Zambilovici (1883–1943)

Moise Micu Zamvilovici (1914–1979)
Itzhak Zambilovici (1916–1982)
Rivca Becca Zanbilowicz (1909–1997)
Zaharia Strul Zambilovici (1912–1999)

Gisela Ghita Rosen Zanbilowicz (1922-2012)

Dr. Jose “Joe” Zanbilowicz
Danny Zanbilowicz (musician)

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