A bench in remembrance of

Frances and Michael Chandler

The Chandlers are not buried in the Cemetery.
They are buried in the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery in Montreal.

Frances Chandler: Born: June 13, 1913 Died: January 25, 1985
Michael Chandler: Born: June 19, 1907 Died: January 23, 1988

The Bench was donated by the Skolnick, Bramly and Leclair Family

An empty grave in remembrance of

Sorke Feingold

who perished in the Holocaust

Purchased by her son, Carl Feinberg

Location: Row H Plot 3

A marker stone in honour of Judge Samuel D. Schultz
Placed by Arthur Levy at his own expense. There is no one buried in this spot.

Location: Row C Plot 44

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