Elizabeth Schultz

Elizabeth Davies Schultz

Birth: February, 1844 in Australia

Death: November 18, 1866 (age 22) in Victoria, B.C.

Elizabeth Davies was the eldest child of JP and Miriam/Maria Davies. Her father, JP Davies emigrated from London to Australia and married Maria Harris in 1843. Elizabeth was born in February 1844, Joshua in March 1846, and Cecelia in January 1848.

The California Gold Rush attracted the Davies’ to California. Having survived a ship wreck off the coast near Monterey, the family settled there. Elizabeth’s brothers Henry and David were born in Monterey (1850 and 1852). The family moved to Sacramento and then to San Francisco, where Philip was born in 1854.

In 1863 Elizabeth and the rest of her family sailed to Victoria aboard the S.S. Sierra Nevada. They moved into a rented house and were welcomed into the cultural mainstream of Victoria. JP Davies started a prosperous Auctioneer firm with his son Joshua.

On October 7, 1863, nineteen-year-old Elizabeth married cobbler and shoe salesman Herman Schultz in a ceremony officiated by Rabbi Dr. Morris R. Cohen. Theirs was the first marriage held in the synagogue.  On October 21, 1865 she gave birth to a boy, Samuel Davies (first Jewish Judge in Canada).  Following his birth, Elizabeth’s health declined until she died on November 16, 1866.  

She was the first woman to be buried in this cemetery.

Gravesite Details: Row E – Plot 34

Elizabeth Davies Schultz
1844 – 1866

Miriam “Maria” Harris Davies (1819–1901)
Judah Philip “J.P.” Davies (1820–1879)

Herman Schultz (1831–1878)

Samuel Davies Schultz (1865–1917)

Joshua Davies (1846–1903)
Cecelia Davies Sylvester (1848–1935)
Henry “Harry” Davies ( 1850-1916)
David Lewis Davies (1852-1924)
Philip Judah Davies (1854-1943)

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