Herman Schultz

Birth: 1831 in Bernbaome, Prussia

Death: March 9, 1878 (age 46-47) in Victoria, B.C.

Herman Schultz was born in Bernbaome, Prussia in 1831, and trained as a cobbler. He traveled from Germany to New York to San Francisco, arriving in Victoria in 1858. There he worked in trades before he travelled to Victoria.

He was a licensed trader at Lytton in 1859, and by 1860, had was a shop owner there. He and Jasper Trickey amalgamated their businesses in March of 1861 thus creating the lasting partnership of Schultz and Trickey. Theirs was among the first businesses at Quesnel Forks.

Both men moved to Victoria 1863. They owned and rented out a substantial brick building on Government Street. Capitalizing on Herman’s original training as a cobbler, they opened a Boot and Shoe store on the ground floor of their building. They offered `Ladies, Gentlemen’s, and Children’s Boots, Shoes and Gaiters from Europe and America”, as well as repair services.

On October 7, 1863, Herman Schultz married nineteen year-old Elizabeth Davies, eldest daughter of J. P. Davies and Maria Davies. Their marriage was the first performed in new synagogue building. They lived in a home on Pandora Street where their son Samuel Davies Schultz, was born in 1865.

Herman Schultz was active in the Victoria community. He was a member of the Odd Fellows, donated to charity and the hospital fund, and attended a reception for Governor Seymour. Not long after the Samuel’s birth, Elizabeth died. She was the first woman to be buried in Victoria’s Jewish Cemetery. Herman was devastated by her death. He continued to be active in business and in community life, including a two year term as trustee at the synagogue.

In 1868 Herman married Rose Harris had seven children with her. He died in March, 1878, just after his 47th birthday, and was placed lies buried Elizabeth’s grave.

Gravesite Details: Row D – Plot 34

In Loving Memory
Herman Schultz
Native of Bernbaome Prussia
Died March 9 1878
Aged 47 years 2 months
Erected by his wife Rose

Elizabeth Davies Schultz (1844–1866)
Rosetta Harris Schultz (1842–1909)

Samuel Davies Schultz (1865–1917)
Sarah Schultz (died 1877)
Augusta Schultz (1869–1909)
Julius Bismark Schultz (1870–1934)
Maurice Moey Schultz (1873–1930)
Minnie Schultz (1877–1924)
Rudolph Schultz (1877-1935)

Jewish Museum of the American West: Herman Schultz

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