Cerline Nodek

Cerline Brash Nodek

Birth: August 9, 1863 in Inowrocław, Poland

Death: October 16, 1935 in Victoria, B.C.

When Cerline Nodek was born, her birth city was then known as Hohensalza and was in the County of Posen, Germany, but subsequently became part of Poland, and was renamed.

Gravesite Details: Row C – Plot 10

In Loving Memory of my Dear Wife
Cerline Nodek
Died October 16.1935, Age 72
May Her Soul Rest in Peace.
I.M. Nodek
Beloved Uncle of
Helen,Martin and
Cyril Boas
Born May 2 1869
Died March 24 1945.

H. Brash

Isidor Max Nodek (1869–1945)
Isidor Braverman (1829–1905)

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