Eli Bean

Birth: March 1, 1875 in Lithuania

Death: February 22, 1940 (age 64)

Eli Bean operated The Victoria Junk Agency beginning shortly after his arrival circa 1913 until his death. He was a husband and father.

Eli first appeared in Victoria’s City Directory in 1905. That listing shows only the residential address of 50 Humboldt, it does not include any employment information.
According to a passenger list, Eli lived in Bellingham, Washington for five years. In 1911, at the age of thirty-eight he immigrated to Victoria from there. Two years later his name appears in the Victoria City Director. He is listed Eli as the manager of the Great Western Junk Company (1421 Store Street) . In 1914 he was employed as the proprietor of the rival Victoria Junk Agency (1620 Store Street). Between 1913-1922, Eli lived in six different locations, including a year at the Metropolis Hotel (Located at 706-718 Yates Street, designed by George C. Mesher and opened in 1913).

When the government of British Columbia introduced prohibition the majority of residents voted in favour of it. The law came into effect on October 1, 1917 and was officially repealed on June 15, 1921. In the United States prohibition was from 1917-1933. Bootlegging and smuggling liquor from Victoria was dangerous for most, but lucrative for others. Eli was one who benefited. He sold burlap which was smugglers used to wrap bottles of liquor. At one point, Eli was able to sell 3,000 burlap sacks a week to one outlet. He used some of the profits from his business to buy properties in Victoria.

On December 26, 1922, the 46 year-old Eli married the 30-year old widow Annabelle. The couple moved twice before settling in at 1204 Dallas Road. From 1928-1929 Eli also ran Sidney West Furniture Store at 725 Fort Street.

In 1928, his daughter, Esther, was listed as living at the same address and as student at Vic College. In 1930, son Harold was listed at the same address and as a salesman for Spencer’s Department Store.

From 1934-1935 the family home was at 1801 Hollywood Crescent. In 1935, Eli and Annabelle were listed as proprietors of Pacific Sanitary Rag and Victoria Junk Agency and their home address was listed as 15 Linden Street. Harold was also listed at that address and was in the glass business.

Following Eli’s death, Annabelle was listed as the executrix of Victoria Junk Agency.

Gravesite Details: Row C – Plot 42

In Memory of
Eli Bean
Beloved Husband of Annabelle Bean
Born March 1 1875
Died Feb. 22 1940

Born July 18 1894
Died June 25 1968

Bessie or Rosa Popler
Morton Bean or Mordeki

Annabella Kebrick or Gumbert Bean


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