Dr Sigfried Moritz “Max” Hartman

BC Archives: G09165

Birth: May 26, 1858 in Pösen, Saale-Holzland-Kreis, Thüringen, Germany

Death: April 16, 1923 (age 64) in Seattle, Washington USA

Dr Sigfried Moritz “Max” Hartman was born in Pösen, Germany on May 26, 1858. When he was 15 years old, he apprenticed with his family physician and surgeon. He was taught how to perform minor surgery, dentistry and how to use a razor. Max came to Victoria in 1877 after having been in San Francisco for a year. He didn’t speak much English, but was able to make a living as a barber. After two years, he bought Dr. Cool’s dental practice and worked as a dentist from 1880-1882. Max became a naturalized Canadian on November 2, 1881. The first set of false teeth he made in Victoria was for Judge Crease.

Max then returned to San Francisco for three years. He first joined the prestigious dental practice of Bush and Newman, and later formed a partnership with Dr. Sanger. In 1885 Max moved back to Victoria where he set up his own dental office.

On April 8, 1888 Max married the Seattle socialite Ida Rostein (1864-1945), the sister of Eva Rostein (wife of H.E. Levy of Levy Restaurant). The wedding took place at Ida’s family home on Gordon Street in Victoria. The couple moved into a house on Yates Street. According to the 1901 census, a servant Ah Hang (age 21) was part of the household. Their children, Albert, Leroy and Bertha were all born in Victoria. Albert became a lawyer, Leroy became a dentist and joined his father’s practice and Bertha became an opera singer.

In 1908 Architect William D’Oyly Rochfort designed a home for the Hartman’s at 1009 Cook Street in a Tudor Revival version of the British Arts & Crafts style.*

He was held in high esteem both professionally an socially. Max was an active member of the synagogue and was president of the congregation from 1906-1910 and again from 1912-1914. He had a good singing voice and often conducted services in the synagogue as well as for funerals. For Passover, in 1917, Max lead the community seder hosted by the B’nai B’rith Lodge.

Following a month of serious illness, on April 16, 1923 at the age of 64, Max died of kidney trouble at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. His funeral took place at the family residence on Cook Street. The pallbearers at his funeral were: Max Leiser, Herbert Leiser, Henry Greenfelder, Isaac Waxstock, Harry I Mallek, and Edward P Nathan.

*The house still stands. It was placed on the Designated a Heritage home list in 1977. Accountants Bruce Maycock and Ron Hampton bought the house in the early 2000’s. Their elegant restoration won them the Hallmark Society Award of Merit in 2002.

Gravesite Details: Row C – Plot 9

In Loving Memory
Sigfried Moritz Hartman
Born May 26, 1858
Died April 16, 1923

Frederica Brandt Hartman
Moritz Hartman

M. Hartman
Mary Peters

Ida Rostein Hartman (1864–1945)

Albert Hartman L.L.D. (July 27, 1890-)
Dr. Leroy Hartman (1893-)
Bertha “Birdie” Hartman(1898–1944)

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