Moshe & Shayndel Dermer

Moshe and Shayndel Dermer are the maternal grandparents of Emanu’El member Micha Menczer.

Moshe Dermer was born in Bukovina province of Austria now part of Romania in a shtetl  near  city of Chernovitz. He was the son of Alter and Malka Dermer and had four siblings (Fanny, Marcus, Beryl and Tsipora). He was a farmer renting land and was of modest means.

Moshe married Shayndel Scharf and they had eight sons (Chaim, Oscar, Simon, Sydney, Leo, Yackov, David and Eli) and one daughter (Regina). One son had died in infancy. Despite the modest means of the family two sons became engineers, one finished medical school, another became a history professor five and the others successful businessmen in Canada and South America. The daughter Regina studied business in university and held an important position with an upper class Romanian family involved in several large farms.

Shayndel died several years before the war. Moshe was deported by the Nazi regime in Romania in late 1941 with Regina and Mottel Menczer to Bershad in the Ukraine. Moshe died in the 1941/1942 brutal winter in Bershad.

December 6, 2022

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