Edith “Dolly” Macara

Edith “Dolly” Sklove Macara

Dolly and Max Macara, wedding photo

Birth: February 11, 1916 in Edmonton, Alberta

Death: July 16, 2020 (age 104)

Gravesite Details: Row E – Plot 26

Edith “Dolly” Macara married Max H. Macaravitch in 1939 in Edmonton, Alberta. They lived in Yellowknife NT from 1946 to 1986. They drew their water from nearby Frame Lake and ordered their kosher food from Edmonton & Winnipeg.

In life, one may play many roles – daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother and in Dolly’s case – great grandmother and in all these roles she excelled.

Born in 1916 in Edmonton to Osher and Sarah Sklove, Dolly or as she was actually named Dasha, was the third child. She had an older brother Frank, an older sister, Bessie, and later had two younger sisters, Anne and Frances.

Although born Dasha, Dolly actually had at least four other names. She was known by Dasha to her parents then she became Edith presumably for school purposes and at some point in time acquired a middle name Judith. But to everyone she was known as Dolly – because as a young child her features were so precise /exact almost “Doll” like and acquired the nickname “Dolly” which stayed with her for the rest of her life. Later she acquired a new nickname from her three children – Mipsey (Max was called Flipsey).  This was a name that was often used by the three of them when talking about Dolly.

In her younger life, as a daughter and sister, I know little. Unfortunately, all of her siblings have predeceased her but I know from talking with Dolly that the family was close. The sisters (Anne and Frances) went to the same schools, and both Dolly and Anne worked as sales clerks in retail stores in Edmonton. Dolly at the Army and Navy, Anne at Woolworths. 

I also know that Dolly when she was young, played basketball in junior high and had fond memories of those years.

We also know that she was a loving daughter who agreed to have her elderly mother live with her and her three children in Edmonton while Max lived and worked in Yellowknife.

The sisters – Anne and Frances and Dolly were very close – in fact in Edmonton in the 1950’s they all lived within walking distance of each other and got together regularly. So as a daughter and as sister, two gold stars!

Max and Dolly married in 1939 and they were married for 62 years. Dolly must have had an adventurous spirit for she ended up moving to various places with Max and family,
—To Brandon when Max was in the Air Force training in Manitoba
—To Yellowknife when Max started up his laundry and drycleaning business
—Back to Edmonton for Mel to obtain his Hebrew education
—Back to Yellowknife, one year after Mel’s bar mitzvah
—To Edmonton again, Yellowknife again and eventually moving to Victoria

Her final move was to Vancouver to be with Susie and Marilyn.

She loved to knit, bake, and walk. She would go for out at least for one walk a day, if not more, regardless of the weather.

In fact, she attributes her long life to not smoking, not drinking, and going for a walk every day.

Dolly never seemed to change – always sweet, obliging and full of energy, walking every day, even in her later years at the Louis Brier.

In August 2006 my mother moved to Vancouver from Victoria, so for the first time since I was 18 years old we now lived in the same city. My most recent fond memories are the times we had lunch every Wednesday with Susie, then went shopping and having my mother’s fashion eye for approval. The afternoon ended at Purdy’s where she enjoyed an ice cream cone—flavor was usually strawberry.

Although I did not spend a lot of time alone with mom one year just the 2 of us drove from Yellowknife to Edmonton 1000 miles of gravel and dust .It was a great way to get to know a parent and has left me with lots of fond memories of good conversation and lots of laughs. 

My fondest memory of my Mum was going for walks with her. When I lived in Victoria, everyday after I came home from work, we would go for a walk together along Willows Beach.  Just like her, I love walking!

As a wife and a mother, two gold stars!

Dolly was a grandmother to  6 granchildren – Doran, Gillian, Allison, Kristen, Paul, and Lars.

All have memories of a kind, gentle (but strong) caring Baba who always seemed to have baking (cookies, brownies, cake) for them and time to play.

Baba Dolly was one of the kindest, most gracious people I’ve ever known. She was always telling me how nice everyone was, regardless of their temperament. In fact, saying how nice people were became kind of her mantra. What a lovely way to see the world.

One of my favourite memories of Baba was when she was only “99”. It was car-free day on Main Street and it was very hot and humid. My kids were melting like popsicles on a fire, barely able to walk due to the heat.  We looked up and saw Baba Dolly marching up the hill at an extremely impressive pace. She stopped to say hi and left us in her dust.

Allison remembers the summer visits to Victoria, and everyone gathering around Dolly’s dining room table all eating Chinese food with the cousins.

My favourite memories about Baba were all of our coffee and lunch dates that we had at her apt before my classes at Camosun College and the funny stories she would tell me about Dad when he was young. Her hugs were impossible to forget.  That little lady almost cracked our ribs every time she squeezed you. You always knew she loved you.

Playing “Go Fish” with Baba on their glass table. I would always think how sneaky I was looking under the table and cheating…pretty sure Baba was just politely letting me win.

I always remember Baba Dolly as being loving and warm and wanting to feed her grandchildren. This even included the canine variety. It was not unusual to see Baba offering our dog Lucy a lick of her popsicle on a hot sunny day. Lucy definitely appreciated it.

Lastly, she became a great grandmother to Ben, Elliot, Sasha, Tatum and Neeva.

They too, remember a kind, gentle Baba who enjoyed their company and always seemed to have cookies, cake or candies for them whenever they visited.  Another two gold stars as a Baba!

Six gold stars in total – daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Dolly will be missed by all.

The family want to thank Janeth Santos who was Dolly’s companion for the past 8 years.

Especially, over the last 4 months during the pandemic when she was with Dolly everyday, the only one who could be there. We owe her a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid.

Thank you again Janet.

In closing, I would like to share a final comment from one of the great grandchildren:
“I now have another, and I wonder how her first day is going in heaven?”

Chaya Sora Sklove
Osher Sklove

Max Macara


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