Eva Levy

Eva Rostein Levy

Birth: October 20, 1862 in New York City

Death: May 2, 1946 in Victoria

Eva Rostein was born in New York City on October 20, 1862. The family moved to Seattle between 1873-1879 and became part of the social elite of the city. Eva was the eldest of six children.

Eva was a music teacher. Her piano was shipped from New York around Cape Horn, South America to Seattle and then to Victoria. It has stayed in the family and is now in the possession of Eva’s great grand-daughter, Diana Levy Lofstrom.

In order to explore business opportunities in Washington State, Henry Emmanuel “H.E.” Levy, founder and proprietor of Levy’s Restaurant in Victoria, left the restaurant in his brother Joseph’s hands. While running a business in Seattle H.E. met Eva Rostein. Although he was roughly 20 years her senior, the couple married on October 29, 1882. Sons Arthur and and Benjamin (Bennie) were born in Seattle.

The couple ran Levy Enterprises but they suffered great losses in the fire of 1889 as much of their property, including what is now Pike’s Place Market, was uninsured. The Levy’s then moved to Victoria permanently where In 1891, their son Victor was born.

H.E. resumed his role at Levy’s Restaurant. Through his career, H.E. gained and lost millions of dollars. With the family living in Victoria and Levy’s Restaurant providing a good and steady income, the family was financially comfortable and prominent.

Although H.E. did not have much affiliation with the Jewish community, Eva did. In addition to her domestic responsibilities, Eva taught Hebrew School. In 1918 her students gave her a copy of the “Holy Scriptures”; (shown above).

On January 9, 1919 The Victoria Daily Times reported that a banquet was given in honor of the Diamond Jubilee founding of the B’nai B’rith. At that event the officers of the Ladies Auxiliary, Daughters of the Covenant were installed. Eva gave a speech.

Eva was also an active member of the Hebrew Ladies Society. She held many positions and in 1894 was recognized by the membership with a gift of a gold medallion engraved with “E.L” and a chain. Her name appears on a 1896 Hebrew Ladies Society membership list. The Hebrew Ladies dissolved into the Women’s Auxiliary. Eva was president of Aux No. 6 and was given a silver metal pin in 1916 (shown above).

Eva outlived her husband and two of her sons. She died at the family home 1022 Pemberton Road on May 2, 1946. The house still stands.

Louis Rostein (Rostean) 1840
Frances Rostein (Rostean) 1842 (milliner)

Ida born in NY in 1865
Rosa 1867
Louis 1869
Joseph 1873
Lily born in Seattle in 1879

Henry Emanuel (H. E.)

Benjamin died at 21 years of heart disease in 1905
Victor died at 48 in 1939
Arthur, died at 76 in 1961

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