Ruth Simkin

Birth: March 18, 1944 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Death: May 13, 2022 in Victoria, B.C.

Taken from her website:

Born in Winnipeg on March 18, 1944, Ruth is the eldest of four siblings. Winnipeg was home while she attended Peretz School for Jewish Education, then public Junior High and High School, and the University of Manitoba.

Ruth then went to live in Washington, DC for five years, where she studied at Trinity College, receiving a degree in Physics and Chemistry. While at Trinity College, she did research for the National Institutes of Health in cancer chemotherapy. She also discovered a constant in Physical Chemistry and was presented with the Hillebrand Junior Award from the Chemical Society of Washington.

After graduation, Ruth travelled around the world for one year, mostly backpacking and having wonderful adventures.

Canada called and Ruth moved to Calgary, in order to attend the new medical school. Ruth graduated from the first class of the University of Calgary Medical School in 1973 and completed a residency in Family Medicine, immediately opening a practice in Calgary while working as a professor and preceptor at the medical school as well. She was the first person from the new medical school to open up a medical practice, which was very successful for many years.

Part of her residency found Ruth working in Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel, where she studied for four months, in the 1970’s.

In 1982, she took a World Health Organization approved acupuncture course at the Shanghai College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, living and working in Shanghai, China, and subsequently became the first family physician to be approved by the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons to incorporate acupuncture into her medical practice.

The late 80’s found Ruth working as staff doctor at Alexandria Community Health Centre in Calgary, where she spent five years building up community medicine in the area. An interest in PMS took her to London, England to study with Dr. Katerina Dalton, the physician who coined the name and first brought PMS to the public’s attention. Upon her return, Ruth opened one of the first PMS clinics in Canada, certainly the first in Western Canada.

Ruth loves to be in the forefront of new enterprises, and in the late 1980’s, opened up Western Canada’s first hologram gallery, Holomagic. There, she exhibited both art holography and sold many types of popular holograms and holographic jewellery and novelties.

While in Calgary, she was very active in her community, being involved in Alberta Theatre Projects and the building of the Calgary Centre for Performing Arts, and starting the first lesbian and gay political action group; CLAGPAG. She produced many concerts there over the years, especially for the lesbian/feminist population. She left Calgary with several honours, specifically a Woman of the Year Award, and a Speak Sebastian Award of Distinction.

In the early 1990’s Ruth moved to Salt Spring Island where she became a farmer of yuppie veggies for almost ten years. She then returned to medicine, becoming the first fellow to study palliative care at The University of British Columbia Medical School. She did a fellowship for almost three years, and subsequently became board certified by the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, becoming a specialist in pain and symptom management of dying people. For five years, she worked at the Victoria Hospice during which time she left Salt Spring Island and moved to Victoria. In 2014, she was honoured with a Life Membership conferred by the College of Family Physicians of Canada

Over the years, she has written countless medical papers and contributed to textbooks, as well as being involved in many mixed media presentations. Besides her medical writings, she has written short stories, travel tales, and many other articles on a variety of topics, and very much enjoys having her work published.

Ruth loves to travel and has done so extensively. In 2005, she took three months to travel around the world. She was joined by her sister Judi for much of that time, increasing the laugh and enjoyment factor exponentially. She particularly enjoyed how Judi ordered bacon and eggs on a train in the Ukraine where no one spoke a word of English. Judi was most successful in her endeavour and the sisters enjoyed a wonderful breakfast. Judi has always excelled at everything she does. She currently lives in Parker, Colorado, where she is able to spend much time with her grand-kids.

Ruth particularly loves China and Russia. In January 2007, she returned to Russia to study the language, attending classes in both Moscow and St. Petersburg for several months. She especially loves to learn new languages.

Illness forced an early retirement from the Hospice. Ruth, however, was far from idle. She and her then animal companion, Reenie, participated in pet therapy with PATS. She was involved in volunteer activities in her community; she was on the Board of Directors of Out of the Box Production Company for four years while they were still based in BC. For several years, she was involved in volunteer work with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness, specifically with Project Connect. In 2008, she once more donned the cap of producer and a very successful concert took place: A Soiree: Friends Performing for Friends. During that concert, she also performed an original piece, “Flying to the Music” which she had written specifically for the evening. As well, she produced the Vancouver Island Jewish Community Directory for Congregation Emanu-El for many years. Her favourite activities are writing, making movies, studying just about anything, and playing with her beloved dog, Kelly.

She also loves music, particularly drumming and was taking taiko lessons with Uminari Taiko. In December 2009, she participated in her debut taiko performance at the end of her beginner’s class, and in 2010, performed with the group on stage for Canada Day. Unfortunately, she had to stop her much loved taiko drumming because of two shoulder injuries and although she no longer drums, still loves watching taiko performances.

In 2010 she started writing and publishing books. She currently, works with Bedazzled Ink Publishing in California.

Gravesite Details: Row A – Plot 8

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