Mari “Bunny” Krasney

Mari “Bunny” Marks Krasney

Birth: October 5, 1905 in Manchester, England

Death: February 13, 1983 (age 77) in Victoria, B.C.

Rabbi Victor Hillel Reinstein gave the following eulogy at her funeral:
Funeral: February 15, 1983; 2 Adar 5743
Yohrzeit: 30 Shevat

Mary Krasney, “Bunny” was a quiet gentle woman. In her smallness she was of great stature. The Psalm for Sunday, the day on which she died, was written for one such as her; “…who may ascend the Lord’s Mountain? Who may stand within His holy place? She who has clean hands and a pure heart; she who strives not after vanity and swears not deceitfully…” This is Bunny’s life, simple and good and filled with caring for those around her.

This week’s reading from the Torah is called “Terumah” which means “offering”. It refers to a voluntary offering, one given willingly from the heart. This is the way that Bunny gave – from the heart. She was warm and sensitive and giving. She knew no other way. Central to her life was her family, you Ralph, and Judy and Donna May and her sons-in-law, Marvin and Saul and with of her grandchildren, Aaron, Jeffery, Charles and Michelle. She had a way with children, even those who didn’t know her. Kids weren’t afraid of her. Se made them feel warm and happy. Each of you, her grandchildren, had a special relationship to her. Aaron and Jeffery – you both gave her quiet “nachas” and gentle hope, even amid the immeasurable sorrow for you mother’s death. Your Bar Mitzvah last summer, Aaron, her eldest grandchild, certainly provided some of that ‘nachas‘. Ad you were part of that Jeffery, helping out by opening the Ark and giving me a hand on the ‘bimah‘.

You Charles and Michelle got to see Grandma perhaps a bit more often. Coming to see her meant a chance to take the ferry, which you associated with her and which you enjoy so much. She was just plain fun, as you aid. Whenever you came she made you that wonderful chicken soup, and then of course for the return ferry trip she packed great lunches for you. She was very nice – as you said Charles, Michele, Yes, we all miss her; as you said “I miss my grandma.”

Bunny came from Manchester, England to Chicago around 1928, just on a visit. Soon after that she had the good fortune of meeting Ralph Krasney. In 1932 they were married in Chicago and that wonderful visit never ended. Last June Ralph and Bunny celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary. One of Bunny’s sisters came from Chicago and another from England…that was the one she had come to visit in Chicago in 1928. It was a wonderful event for the whole family.

In 1953 the Krasneys came to Victoria from Chicago. Bunny and Ralph worked side by side in the store on Johnson Street, they enjoyed working together. In Victoria they joined the shul and Bunny joined Hadassah. She was thought of so highly by the many wonderful friends they developed over the years. Her nickname ‘Bunny’ came from friends long, long ago. She was called Bunny since childhood because of her bubbling, smiling personality.

As her daughters married, her sons-in-law became as sons. They were all able to talk about anything, resolving problems through discussion. Communication was always open. The Krasney home was always open. Once Bunny even insisted that a friend’s dog come into the house and not stay out in the trailer.

There are lots of warm memories of Bunny, and they will last and preserve her memory. The Torah reading for this week is about the building of the desert sanctuary, the “Mishkan” a physical structure, representing the truly abiding. So too, even as Bunny Krasney has left this world, the essence of her life and being shall continue. May her memory be for a blessing.

Gravesite Details: Row B – Plot 17

In Loving Memory
פּ״נ (Here lies)

1909 – 1983
Hebrew name: Mem-resh-yad b. Yosef

1905 – 1986
Hebrew Name: Rafael b. Hirshel
ת נ צ ב ה
abbreviation for Biblical quote: “May their soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.”

Sarah Marks
Joseph Marks

Ralph Krasney (1905–1986)

Judy Krasney
Donna May Krasney Landsberger (1939-1980)

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