Sadie Dragushan

Sadie Barezovsky Dragushan

John and Sadie Wedding 1947

Birth: December 4, 1911 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

Death: July 30, 2001 in Victoria, B.C.

Gravesite Details South Zone – Plot 14

Written by Jean Dragushan; February, 2022
Sadie Dragushan was born in the small farming community of Herbert, Saskatchewan on December 4, 1911.  In school, she excelled in academics, and graduated from Grade 12 at 16.  

A talented pianist, Sadie moved to Winnipeg, where she earned her accreditation from the Toronto Conservatory of Music.  At eighteen, she began to teach piano, and was a dedicated teacher whose students achieved much success in music festivals.  

Sadie’s love affair with music continued a number of years later in the 1940’s in Montreal, where she was a member of the Montreal Women’s Symphony.  She volunteered to learn the tuba when the orchestra was unable to recruit someone to play that instrument, and became the resident tuba player.  Sadie also explored painting in Montreal, studying under Lawren Harris.

Sadie and husband John were married in 1947 in Vancouver, moving to Weyburn, Saskatchewan for several years.  They moved to Red Deer, Alberta in 1953, where John purchased a furniture business.  

Sadie was active in the community as Chair of the Home and School Association, and President of the Rotary Ann Club.  She also had a leading role in organizing opportunities to bring recognized musicians to Red Deer.

Sadie began to work in the business after a number of years at home with children Jean and Ronald.  With her good sense of colour and design, she turned out to be a successful salesperson who contributed to the continuing success of the business and its subsequent sale in 1975.

John and Sadie then retired to Vancouver, moving to Victoria to be closer to Jean, her husband Graham and grandchildren Aaron and Ellen in 1995. 

פּ״נ (Here lies)
Her name in Hebrew: Sheindel b. Yosef v’Miriam
1907 — 1999
That Temple in Heaven
Is Open Through Music
ת נ צ ב ה
abbreviation for Biblical quote: “May her soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.”

John Dragushan (1907-1999)

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