Gertie Libby Conn

Birth: August 3, 1909 in Lipton, (Regina), Saskatchewan

Death: December 30, 1986 (aged 77) in Vancouver, B.C.

Gertie married Jack in 1943

Rabbi Victor Hillel Reinstein gave the following eulogy at her funeral:
Died December 30, 1986
Yahrzeit date: 28 Kislev

Gertie Conn died on the 4th day of Chanukah. It is difficult to balance the joy of Chanukah with the sorrow that is felt today. Chanukah is about hope and dedication and continuity. Held together by an encompassing love, these themes are also the blessings, the gifts, that Gertie has given to those who loved her throughout her life, gifts made especially poignant at this Chanukah time. In the dignity of her living and dying we come to see that for these gifts of hope and dedication and continuity and love to be received by us and made outs, they must be lived, as she lived them.

Gertie was born in Lipton Saskatchewan in 1909. She moved to Calgary when she married Lou Conn. In 1963 she moved to Victoria with her 3 daughters Isabel, Myrna and Michelle.

As daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother, Gertie was a woman filled with love and devotion. She was a woman of hope and dedication whose caring for others insured continuity, that life would go on. Family meant everything to Gertie, and so she raised her children, with a sense of loyalty and dedication to family. Giving of herself, and loving unconditionally, Gertie galvanized the family, connecting and drawing together its members. At whatever age they were, she was there for her children. When they were teenagers she would wait up for them and then sit and talk, having wonderful, close talks. “She could talk about anything – – nothing was taboo with mother,” her daughters can say proudly, “she was very accepting and non-judgmental.” She was a peace-loving person always trying to do the right thing, always seeking shalom bayis, peace in her home.

Gertie had a unique relationship with each of her children and had specialized remedies for each, whether hot mild of chicken soup. Through her close relationship with her children, her children’s friends became her friends. She was the life of the party, an elegant woman, with a twinkle in her eye. She saw how things should be done and sought to do everything with taste. She was always positive, full of zest, enjoying life. “Get on with it”, she would say, “look at the bright side.” So she faced the tragedies in her life. She never complained, always looking forward with dignity, strength and courage.

For you Robyne, your Bube was caring and fun. And, as you said, “she always took care of me, she took me lots of places.” And when you weren’t feeling well, she made you chicken soup and it made you better, and it will continue to do that. And even as her illness was beginning, she helped so much with the arrangements for your Bas Mitzvah which you celebrated together here in Victoria last June.

Gertie grew up in a home of 7 children, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. She was the youngest of the daughters. Her mother modelled the caring that from a young age she showed for others. Said her brother Bill, “she grew up with a mother like she is”

Gertie’s caring also went beyond her own family. She had a great love for Judaism. She was a life member and an active member of Hadassah-Wizo. She was a member of the Shul and for worthy causes in the community, she gave of herself without hesitation.

Plot: Row G – Plot 18

Louis “Lou” Jack Conn (1905-1963)

Michelle E Conn 1951-1973


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