Joseph Belasco

Birth: January 7, 1865

Death: February 10, 1865

Abraham Belasco was a struggling actor and peddler. He moved his family to Victoria in 1858. Abraham was often peddling in the gold fields leaving his wife Reyna in charge of a store. One of their sons, David Belasco, went on to become famous as a Broadway actor, playwright, producer and impresario. He was the first to stage Mme Butterfly. David got his start as an actor in Victoria. The family moved back to San Francisco so that David could have a proper Bar Mitzvah.

Joseph was born sometime in the approximately 7 years that the family lived in Victoria. Most likely in 1863 as that year is a gap in the birth of a child.

Following are the minutes from the Burial Committee regarding the burial and grave for Joseph. Transcribed by Amber Woods from on-line documents at the Jewish Museum and Archives in Vancouver, BC.

Meeting held by the Board of the Hebrew Managers of the Burial Grounds
May 11th 1863

Present: A. Blackman, A Simson & HM Cohn
Absent: K. Gambitz and D Jacobi

On motion Mr. A. Simson was voted to be chair.

On motion & was resolved that charity box be opened to see how much money it contained. Carried

The amount of contents being $27.25
From I .Braverman donation 5.00

Feb 10 “ A. Belasco for Burial Child 5 boy
March 8 “ H Cohn “ “ 5 girl
For charity received at Both Burials 16.75 31.75
Feb 10 “ Paid for Box 2.00
For reconciling ground 2.50 4.50
Balance in charity box $27.25

Bills presented for payment
For fixing Fence 10.00
For writing new deed 5.00
“ Collecting 5 from Belasco 1.00
On motion it was $16.00 order paid 16.00
Balance 11.25

Gravesite Details: Burial spot unknown.

Reyna David Nunes Martines Belasco (1830-1899)
Abraham Humphrey Belasco (1830-1911)

David Belasco (1853-1931)
Sarah Belasco Mayer (1857-1932)
Hannah Belasco Heringhi (1858-1927)
Israel Belasco (1861-1922)
Frederick Belasco (1862-1920)
Walter Belasco (1864-1939)
Solomon Belasco (1867-1937)
Henry Belasco (1868-1929)
Edward Belasco (1874-1937)

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