Charles Brash

Birth: June 4, 1840 in Poznań, Miasto Poznań, Wielkopolskie, Poland

Death: October 24, 1921 in Victoria, B.C.

Charles Brash was the manager of Bissinger & Co. Located at 38 Yates Street and Outer Wharf Streets, Bissinger & Co. sold hides, wool & skins. In 1898, The US Treasury records that Charles Brash exported raw cattle hides to the US. On January 19, 1898, 29 mixed hides entered at $84.09, advanced to $109.41 U.S. Dollars. On January 24, 1898, Charles sells salted hides, mixed, 363 pieces and way paid $4.25 U.S. per hide.

He lived in the heritage house at 1133 Fort Street.

Gravesite Details: Row C – Plot 36

Charles Brash
Beloved Husband of
Tony Brash
Oct 25, 1921

Toni Ball Brash (1846-1932)

Hugo Brash (1872-1946)
Eda Brash Cathcart (1875-1912)
Celia D. Brash Cohen (1876-1966)
Rosa Brash Cathcart (1884-1939)

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