William “Bill” Aaron

Birth: December 28, 1925 in Montreal, Montreal, Quebec

Death: November 23, 1985 (aged 59) in Victoria, B.C.

Rabbi Victor Hillel Reinstein gave the following eulogy at his funeral:
Funeral: November 27, 1985; 14 Kislev 5746
Yahrzeit: 11 Kislev

Torah Reading for this week (Five Books of Moses) – Jacob wrestles with God and perseveres.

William Arron, Bill – was a man who wrestle with life and persevered, knowing hardship but also knowing the importance of a smile.

Came into world without family, but his human warmth turned almost everyone into family.

As a youth Bill was given a warm and good home life by Lazar and Matilde Lazare. Cele, now Winderman, became as his own sister. Travelling all the way from Florida now with her son-in-law Bruce Laster, is a tribute to the close family the developed. Whenever he came into the house remembers Cele, it light up. He brought cheer.

To the next generation for Sue and Bruce and Mark and Michael and Janet, Bill became Uncle Billy. He went to Florida last May to visit Bruce (Cele’s daughter) Sue, and their daughter Dinah Rose who will be 26 months next week. Uncle Billy was Dinah Rose’s godfather. He loved children and was always ready to help when it was something for children.

His warmth was not only for children but was for everyone. In turn everyone was his friend, from his devoted friends such as Margaret Jackowitz and the Smiths and his co-workers Anne and Florence, to people he met in the hospital during his illness. The steady stream of visitors when Bill was in the hospital two years ago showed again the warmth he had engendered in all he met.

Bill began his career as a fine watchmaker as an apprentice at the Big Ben Watch Co., at about the age of 15. He spent some time in Ontario and came to Victoria in 1968. He operated a watch repair shot at first in the Cadboro Bay area and in 1972 he got a bench to repair watches at the Oak Bay Jewellery store, and in that accomplishment he saw great success. In this, as in many areas of life, Bill saw a steady climb upward but with success there was always humility – – mark of the truly successful.

Bill was a man of absolute integrity in business and in life. He was good to customers and to colleagues and neighbours. In Oak Bay, where he was a strong part of the community, he had a reputation for having nothing but friends. He was a member of the Oak Bay Business Association and a steady supporter of the Oak Bay Tea Party each year. He readily gave of his merchandise to help local fund-raising projects, a giver more than a talker. He was quick to give to charities and he also donated to support the restoration of the Synagogue.

Asked once to give advice for success, he was taken aback; he said simply “Work Hard”… and he did. Other advice is easily deduced from the way he lived and the qualities he showed each day – perseverance, humour and integrity. He was very simply a hard-working honest man who enjoyed life. He refrained from saying an unkind word about anyone. He loved music and sang for his own enjoyment. His pleasant voice was counterpoint to his smile. He didn’t like complaints from anyone in a bad mood he worked hard to get a chuckle or laugh. The refrain e might sing of Bill Aaron is his own expression of good cheer and calm to others; “Be nice, be nice, be good, be good, or simply, Be nice now.”

To this watch maker, who wrestled with life and persevered, may the hands of time be kind to his memory. Let us set the hands of our lives now to the present hour and keep good time by living with the integrity that was the jewel in the life of Bill Aaron

Gravesite Details: Row B – Plot 19

Hebrew Name: Velvel b. Leizer

ת נ צ ב ה
abbreviation for Biblical quote: “May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life.”

Adoptive Parents
Lazar Lazare
Matilde Lazare

Adopted sister
Cele Lazare Winderman

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